Alarming Rise in Highchair Accidents


Are you using your highchair properly?  If you do not or are not sure….listen up!!

U.S. emergency rooms now attend to an average of almost 9,500 high chair-related injuries every year, a figure that equates to one injured infant per hour. The vast majority of incidents involve children under the age of 1 year.

“We know that these injuries can and do happen, but we did not expect to see the kind of increase that we saw,” said study Dr. Gary Smith, director of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

Dr Gary Smith says “supervision is a must”. “Stay with your child during meal time and make sure he or she doesn’t defeat the restraint.”   “Even if a chair does meet current safety standards and the restraint is used properly, there’s never 100 percent on this . . . Parents will always need to be vigilant.”

While The Highchair Organizer was not tested in this study, it does however offer a solution to mom’s constant getting up and down during mealtime. Whenever you leave the highchair, you in fact leave the baby unattended and this is when accidents can happen. The Highchair Organizer stores everything needed for baby’s mealtime adventure at the highchair so moms never have to leave baby unattended in the highchair.

Here’s information on how you can prevent injuries:

1. Make sure the highchair has safety straps with either a 3-point or 5-point harness.
2. Make sure it has a crotch strap.
3. When you buckle the child in, make sure the straps are attached firmly to the chair and that they’re snug around the child so he can’t wiggle out.
4. When you set up the highchair, put it in an area where the child cannot reach anything and make sure it’s away from the table or a wall or counter so they can’t kick or push the chair over.
5. Use booster seats that secure to a chair and have a tray, and make sure they are firmly attached, with no wiggle room.
6. In restaurants, make sure the highchairs or booster seats they provide have functional straps that are in working order. If they don’t, ask for one that does.

Lastly, make sure your buckle your child in their highchair and/or booster seat each and every time!!

One thought on “Alarming Rise in Highchair Accidents

  1. Very informative and very important. Great write! I will be sharing this article with all of my friends and will be following your blog. Thank you for writing this article, as it will hopefully help keep a lot more children safe.

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