Happy Family makes our family happy!

Some things in my family’s busy life style have become an automatic necessity. For us it is healthy foods that we can use on the go.  It is not uncommon for me to run from a business meeting straight into story time at the library.  Or fly out of the house after breakfast with a bag filled with a healthy snack for my 1 year old to munch on until lunch time.  For my family that healthy snack is Happy Family brand of superfoods.  What I love about the Happy Family brand of superfood is they are organic, healthy, and yummy.  My kids love them!  I keep the Happy Baby squeezes in my diaper bag for food “emergencies”.  I pack the Happy Tots superfoods in my son’s lunch.  This way I know he is getting at least one serving of fruit and veggies each day.  I keep the Happy Puffs in The Highchair Organizer for my daughter.  This is a perfectly healthy snack for her to munch on while I am preparing dinner.  I even keep a few of the Happy Tots Plus squeezes for me to have when I am out running errands.  They are filling and they keep me from getting sucked in a fast food restaurant.
Well, the fabulous folks at Happy Family are giving a Welcome Baby gift set to one of our lucky readers.
Please leave a comment below on the Happy Family brand of organic superfoods to automatically be entered for a chance to win.  ***This contest has ended***
Welcome Baby gift set – a $35 value
  • Happy Family reusable tote bag and an organic cotton Happy Baby t-shirt
  • A selection of our most popular baby products including: Happy Bellies cereal, Happy Puffs, Happy Yogis, Happy Munchies rice cakes and Happy Baby stage 1 and 2 pouches.
  • Nutritional Resources like our Infant & Toddler Nutrition Guide, Allergy Reference Chart and Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen wallet cardsImage

For more information on the Happy Family brand of superfoods, visit their website at http://www.happyfamilybrands.com

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Baby is turning 1…and I don’t know what to do!!


Baby is 1 and it’s time to party…but what do you do?  What games do you play and how can all of this be managed?  Well, have no fear, The Highchair Chic is here!  Planning baby’s 1st birthday party can seem to be a little over whelming, however if you follow our few tips below, baby and her friends can have a blast without breaking the bank and loosing your sanity.

1. Plan your party around the guest of honor.  If baby’s naps from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm, plan for a 2:00 pm party (not to mention how thankful you should be for the 2 hour nap window).  Also make sure that you feed baby before your guests arrive.  It is also a good idea to make sure that baby has on a recently changed diaper before your guest arrive.  A happy, clean, well rested, and full baby makes for a pleasant party.

2. Recruit plenty of help and assign them a task.  If grandparents are available, make one in charge of baby’s needs and one in charge of receiving gifts.  Make auntie in charge of the food and drinks.  Charge a girlfriend with the task of games.  Assigning tasks ensures that everyone that wants a job-has a job.  It also keeps everyone on task and frees your hands to greet your guests and keep the party flowing.

3. Create a “play area” on the floor.  Most baby’s at this age are still on all four or barely walking on two.  Creating a safe play area keeps the babies all in one place and allows the parents to enjoy watching the party participants.  Put age appropriate toys and activities in the play area.

4. Serve finger foods for the babies and adult friendly food for the parents. You don’t have to break the bank here.  Sliced bananas, shredded cooked chicken, toasted oaks, cooked lentils, and cooked carrot slices are all great examples of healthy finger foods that can be served during your party.

5. Decorate and use your highchair and The Highchair Organizer.  The highchair and The Highchair Organizer (www.thehighchairorganizer.com) is a must have for baby’s 1st birthday.  The guest of honor will sit in the highchair while he/she eats and most importantly when it’s time to sing “Happy Birthday”.  The highchair sits baby up high where everyone can see and allows baby to be in a familiar eating environment. Decorate the highchair with balloons and streamers in the party’s color theme. Use The Highchair Organizer to house baby’s bibs (make sure you have at least 3) baby wipes, extra pacifiers, snacks, or any other items that baby will need during the party.

6. Take plenty of pictures! Enough said here.

With these few simple steps, you can have a memorial event for baby’s 1st birthday party all while keeping things in order.

“Food, love, ca…

“Food, love, career, and mothers, the four major guilt groups.”

I saw this quote by Cathy Guisewite and thought that “isn’t this an appropriate quote that most moms can relate to”.  As mothers, we journey through life trying our best to please everyone without putting ourselves first. When we final take a moment for ourselves, I think we can all agree that we fall into one of these 4 “guilt” groups…either food, love, career, and/or motherhood. 

Let me explain how this “guilt” so often happens to me.  I plan a “girls night out” at a nice restaurant with a few of my close friends…FOOD.  My husband often looks pitiful as I leave out the house.  Now I don’t know if this pitiful look is because I am leaving the house without him or if its because I am leaving him with our 2 small children (who knows). So because of his pitiful look, I make a “date night” later in the month with him…LOVE.

So, I make it through the month and have 2 nights that are suppose to be for me. Doing so makes me feel like I have to really work hard…CAREER because I should now be rested.  Well, focusing more on my career means working more.  Putting in more time with my career means that my kids get less of my time…MOTHERS. So I have easily fallen into the 4 major guilt groups all within a one month’s time period. Hoorayy!!

Can you relate?  Mother’s do you fall into the 4 major guilt groups?