Happy Thanksgiving to You !!!!

We’ve been prepping for the last couple of weeks and it’s finally here! Happy Thanksgiving! As you add the last few touches to your dish and recount the number of place mats in the cupboard, think about what you are thankful for this year. Daily we go through our routines and forget the minor things that matter the most. With that in mind, we are thankful for you. The parents, readers, and sponsors all make our lives a little bit easier. Mothers just as crazed about their children’s safety as we are and fathers that want to hold their child’s hand each step of the way are the people we created our product for and its you all that make our product possible. We may not say it everyday but The Highchair Organizer truly appreciates you. This Thanksgiving we salute you! Enjoy your turkey, you deserve it! 


Happy Thanksgiving from The Highchair Organizer


What to do with the kids this weekend?

ImageIt is not often that I find myself with the challenge of what to do with the kids.  In fact, now that the weather has become cold, I was enjoying the opportunity to stay home a little more often.  Quite frankly, I was enjoying the freedom of going to bed a little earlier and sleeping in a little later on the weekend.  This peaceful state of mind quickly came to an end once I was told that my beloved 6 year old cousin was staying with us for the weekend.  Uh oh…now what am I suppose to do to entertain not only my 2 kids, but now a 3rd one.  And not to mention that I am saving my money for Black Friday (or I hear that it now called Brown Thursday….that’s another blog post).  As I racked my brain for something nice but inexpensive to do, I came up with the perfect idea….Chick-fil-A!  I forgot about my Chick-fil-A days with my oldest son.  The days when I could buy a kids meal for him and a combo for me and let him play his little heart out in the playroom.  So, that is what I did.  I loaded up my crew and headed to Chick-fil-A.  Armed with a $20.00 bill and my computer.  I killed “3 birds with 1 stone”.  Feed the crew a great lunch, allowed them to play and run with other children, and I am able to get lots of work done on my computer.  All while maintaining my sanity…and a clean house.

Turkey Time!

The Highchair Organizer staff is all for healthy eating! Teaching manners and incorporating a balanced diet starting from the highchair are two things we are truly passionate about. The last post helped us all keep our sanity while transitioning into the holiday season, but what do we do once the holiday fever actually hits? We eat, eat, give, and then eat again! How can we not all of our favorite, yummy, once a year treats are everywhere!

This year lets try something different by merging our treats with our healthy habits. For example, the kids can still enjoy grandma’s homemade cookies, but give out small portions. While fixing your child’s plate make sure to add veggies and fruits as well. Or to avoid over eating, give your little one a healthy snack before the big family feast. These tips can be helpful for us parents too, it takes 10-15 minutes for our brain to register that we are full, try to wait before jumping up for seconds.

No one likes a Grinch so there is no need to decline a dinner invite just to stay on track with your healthy eating, just remember moderation is key. This will also take away that awful feeling of being too full or too tired to enjoy family time after dinner.


A Little Turkey Day Humor

Holiday Planning? Take a Break

The Highchair Organizer is all about organizing to keep your family and home in sync. Our product was created to make life easier for parents all over and we want to do that in multiple ways. The holiday season has arrived! It’s time to plan now more than ever.

From Thanksgiving to the New Year and everything in between…entertaining, cooking, holiday parties and unexpected guests can spike our stress levels.  Most often our little angels are sent away to play as you prepare; so we composed a list of things to do with your tykes to keep your stress low and family fun at an all time high.

1.Gather around and make it a Redbox night.  Image

2. Wind down and have a hot cocoa or eggnog party.

3. Light a fire and roast marshmallows for s’mores.

4.Learn how to string popcorn for your Christmas tree.

5.Take a drive around the neighborhood to look at the holiday decorations and lights.

6.Make candy or cookies and make sure to give each child a helpful task.

7.Make paper snowflakes or turkey hands out of paper to decorate the house (each child should write one thing they are thankful for to add a personal touch).Image

8.Have a Pajama Day! No pressure to go anywhere just stay in and relax in your footed PJs.

9.Enjoy a game night, let the little ones pick the games or make the rules.

10.Bundle up and go outside in the cold weather (snow ball fights or touch football games can keep the family active).

Most importantly, winter breaks are meant to spend with your family! Don’t get overwhelmed, take your time, plan ahead and everything will fall into place!

The Highchair Organizer wants to hear from you! Share your family fun photos with us on Twitter @HighchairOrgan


How Do You Show Your Appreciation?

November has been declared Military Family Month. Each year our dear President Obama signs this proclamation to give thanks to the men and women who serve our country and the families that support them. All month long the Department of Defense will celebrate our nation’s service members and it made us here at The Highchair Organizer wonder what we could do to show our support?


Image                          Image 

Not only did we decide to share this post, but we’re getting the kiddies involved! Have your children write letters or draw pictures for friends and family members that serve to show that while at home or away we appreciate everything they do! Don’t forget to share ways that you and your family plan to participate this month in the comments below!

For more information on Military Family month visit www.whitehouse.gov or www.military.com