Happy Halloween: Trick-or-Treat Tactics!

Happy Halloween! I’m sure your little monsters have been getting revved up all week for tomorrow night’s festivities! Carving pumpkins, picking costumes, and passing out treats are just a few of the things kids look forward to during trick-or treat season. As parents we have to think of everything in between including our child’s safety. Here are few tips to consider while celebrating Halloween:

  • Set a route. If your child is trick-or-treating without you set a route in a familiar area so that you and your child know where you can find each other.
  • Remember to obey the traffic rules. Make sure you are using the sidewalks and crosswalks to navigate through your neighborhood.
  • Don’t forget your cell phones. It’s important to be able to communicate with your family in case you get separated.
  • Use flashlights, glow sticks, or reflective tape on costumes to make sure your family is visible.
  • Before heading out, talk to your family about not talking to strangers or getting into cars with strangers. Remind your child to run and scream if an unfamiliar person tries to offer them anything.
  • Your children are excited and will probably eat candy along the way, don’t forget to carry your child’s medicine if he or she has a food allergy.
  • Even if you are not celebrating, remember to stay alert and drive slowly while in neighborhoods.
  • Afterwards, inspect your child’s bag of candy, remind them not to eat any treats that are not wrapped or sealed properly.

All in all this is an exciting time for you and your family, take lots of pictures and remember to have a good time!



20131015_093037  CEO Abraxas Abrams-Pickens

Our MomInspiration made the list! We’re proud to announce The Highchair Organizer is a recipient of Huggies MomInspired Grant Program. Huggies treasured The Highchair Organizer as a product used to strengthen the bond between parent and children. As a winner, we will receive $15,000 to help with funding, business advice and support from Kimberly-Clark and Maria Bailey, host of Mom Talk Radio and founder of BlueSuitMom.com.

Out of many entries The Highchair Organizer was selected for its innovative way to provide safety for babies and toddlers. With The Highchair Organizer parents no longer have to leave their child unattended during mealtime. Everything needed for meals can be stored right inside the Highchair Organizer which fits right on the back of many highchairs and booster seats.

“I am overwhelmed with excitement to be apart of the Huggies MomInspired team. Being 1 out of only 10 recipients is an accomplishment in itself for The Highchair Organizer. With the help of Huggies and Kimberly-Clark we will continue to express the importance of teaching families about child safety,” said momprenuer and CEO of The Highchair Organizer, Abraxas Abrams-Pickens.

THO has been recognized by the Mommy MD Guide and is also the winner of the 2012 Parent Tested Parent Approved Award and the Startup Nation Leading Moms in Business Competition.

About the Huggies MomInspired Grant Program:
The Huggies MomInspired Grant Program was created to help entrepreneurs bring their start-ups and new product ideas to life by providing business counsel and funding. Since 2010, the program has received more than 2,200 applications and awarded 42 grants, totaling more than $600,000 to help make their business dreams a reality. For more information about the grant recipients and the program, visit HuggiesMomInspired.com.

                                                                   THO at the ABC Kid's Expo in Las Vegas

     THO at the ABC Kid’s Expo in Las Vegas

Keep the Flu Bug Away from Your Little Bug

As the seasons change, keeping your family healthy is always priority.  Cold and flu season can be harsh due to dropping temperatures especially in homes and daycares.  There is no guarantee that your little one won’t get sick, but there are always things we can do to prevent it as much as possible.  I will share a few simple tips to help your toddler battle cold weather.


1.Make sure your child washes his hands. Just imagine all the germs captured on your baby’s hands from exploring the world all day! Try washing up before meals and snacks (try keeping wipes in your Highchair Organizer) and after play time.  Washing your hands and your child’s hands will cut down on spreading germs.


2.This may be tough but reiterate to your child not to touch his or her eyes and nose. By touching our eyes or nose, we are directly adding germs to our mucous membranes, which lead to our bloodstream.


3.Vaccinations…always make sure your child is up to date on all vaccinations and shots.


4. Give your tyke plenty of liquids, healthy foods and plenty of rest. Pumping your child with vitamins and making sure they get an ample amount of sleep naturally boost their immune systems.


These basic tips are sure ways to help keep the doctor away during this time of year. Despite the many home remedies we may try these safe practices are good for the entire family.

Fall Fanatics

Fall is one of my favorite times of year! It’s the perfect season for indoor and outdoor activities. There is so much to do for the entire family from visiting pumpkin patches and apple picking to creating silly ghost and goblins.

 Try to keep your little ones intrigued by incorporating season themed activities into your daily routine. For those sunny days check your local area for pumpkin patches or apple orchards. The whole family can pick their favorites and take them home for a festive treat.

While having a little fun, your children will learn the changes in the season, months, and holidays. Crafting Halloween or autumn decorations are great for those times you just want to stay in. Using things around the house such as markers and paper plates allow your child to make a scary mask. Also, stop by the park and pick out colorful leaves for a creative collage.

Below, I’ve added a few crafts that are fun for everyone (follow the links for instructions):